Taking the time to plan your week before Monday arrives gives you the opportunity to reflect on important tasks.

 Grab your note pad and lets create a new plan for the  new week.

  1. Before you can look to the week ahead and begin making a plan, it’s helpful to reflect on the previous week. This is your chance to review the work you accomplished and which remaining tasks still need to get done. If there are any lingering items on your to-do list, ask yourself if they’re still important. If you have remaining tasks, add them to your new to-do list for the week ahead. For tasks that no longer matter, eliminate them.
  2. Write down 3 significant goals that you feel will help you to move to the next level in some way.  By writing down, you will gain and build more inner confidence and self belief.  It will help you not to feel out of control and focus on the art of starting and finishing a task.
  3. Focus on running effective and purposeful morning routines and rituals. Once in every while you read a book that changes the way you look at life but rare to find a book that changes the way you live your life.  The Miracle Morning is a book that will help you with running effective routines. It will help you to start doing the very things that will give you an edge for the day just as it has helped me.
  4. Choose one activity that will help you  raise your level of inspiration and make you feel good about the type of person you are becoming. You can also use this time to celebrate your successes from the past week. It may seem silly, but celebrating what you’ve achieved is so important. It doesn’t matter how small that success was, allow yourself the opportunity to celebrate it. You deserve to feel good about what you’ve been able to do. It’s sure to put you in a better mindset as you plan your week ahead.This could be as simple as  taking a day off to visit and explore  somewhere you have always wanted to visit . Just do something for your soul.

    A New Week, A New Plan, A New You!

It’s a NEW WEEK that demands a NEW PLAN and a NEW YOU!

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Did you enjoy this post? share with me what you had to do to plan your week and what worked well for you. I would love to hear your story. 

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