Building relationships through unique experiences


Think back to the best vacation you have ever taken. Where did you go? What did you eat? Which sights did you see? Most importantly, who were you with? There is nothing quite like having a travel partner; someone who can share in your experiences as you explore new places.  Even business trips becomes transformative and memorable when you are in good company.

Our travel club keeps us in good company.  On a dreamtrips vacation, people from all walks of life come together to explore, learn and grow by embarking on the same adventure. In my last trip to Singapore I can say that I gained a broader perspective of the world and created lasting bonds of friendships.  While at it, we tended to be more open and relaxed state of mind. Due to that, we became more receptive to ideas and in the process I developed a business relationship with two of my friends who are now working with me.

For years, business executives have been taking potential clients for a round of golf to loosen them up and get to know them.  Imagine if that round of golf could take place during a dreamtrip to a beautiful island resort? How might that shape the outcome.

’Never go on trips with anyone you do not love’’ – by Ernest Hemingway

Our relationships, personal and professional are defined by the experiences we have around them.

What better way to strengthen a bond with someone than to take a trip together.  Your friendships preserve the precious memories you created while away and serves as the wild spark to inspire your next getaway!