Meet my multimillionaire role model



Many of the most famous, successful and influential people we know were also inspired by great men and women.

When we model ourselves after those who have achieved greatness, we take on their character, their strengths, their determination and soon their success leads to our success. Having a role model is an effective and powerful step in achieving success because it supplies us with inspiration and encourages us to move beyond temporary failures.

My role model Matt Morris has achieved spectacular results by surmounting all odds to win. He continues to inspire me daily through action to carry on in the same tradition.

We all need to know that what we’re trying to accomplish can in fact be achieved. This is my greatest gift from my role model – Proving to me that my goals are not impossible.

Join me this week to learn from my multimillionaire mentor, international speaker and no.1 bestselling author at the following events. Email to reserve your ticket.

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Leadership Luncheon
Millionaire Business Breakfast
Open presentation

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