How do you juggle between being and entrepreneur and being a mom? This is a question I get asked a lot and so I decided to put this blog post together and share 3 practical tips that can help moms fulfill their dreams of being a mom and an entrepreneur.

What is a mompreneur?

A Mompreneur is a woman who runs a business while also acting as the caretaker of her children.

If you have children, you would know that parenting on its own is a full-time commitment.  If you are an Entrepreneur, you would also know that starting and running a business is also a full-time commitment.

last week, chances are many of you may have celebrated Mothers’ Day with your families, the day when they acknowledge and appreciate what you do for them each and every day. The cards may have been lovingly made and written, perhaps cupcakes baked, maybe even breakfast in bed appeared at an unearthly hour in the morning accompanied by your eager children’s faces. But these days, if you are an entrepreneur and a mom too, then it’s just as likely that your day of celebration was spent juggling precious family time and work time – that’s just the reality. And the rise of the mompreneur suggests that this scenario is only set to grow. So, if you are waking up today wondering how to make your own business life and home life work at a practical level, then here are a few practical tips:


Instead of work-life balance, try work-life integration.’  – Tony Robbins, World’s # 1 Life and Business Strategist.

Get your children to participate in your business!  For me, because my business is in the Travel industry, going on vacations is part of my ’job scope’.  I get my children to select our family vacations together.  They get to know what the trips are all about and they usually get really excited about them

Think of ways you can get your children involved in your business.  If your business has marketing materials, could your children help you to print or fold anything?  If you are doing home meetings, get your (older) children to host your events.  It will create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for your guests and it will be fun for your children too.


Learn to ask for HELP – You are NOT a Superwoman and you don’t need to be – it is OK to ask for help!

If you have a supportive spouse, partner, or family members, you can ask them to help you look after your children while you work on your business.  That gives them quality time with the children, you know your children are in good hands and gives you uninterrupted time for your business.

Outsource your tasks if you need to.  The rule is that if you can generate more business and income by outsourcing and freeing up your valuable time – you should consider that. If you know of other Mompreuneurs, liase with them and take turns to look after each other’s children  That way, the kids will have fun knowing and playing with other kids and all the Mompreneurs get to have some time to work on their businesses. Team work makes the dream work! 


When you are working, turn off the TV, shut the door and focus 100% on your work so you can be productive.  At the same time, when you are with your children, put your phone down and your laptop away, and be present for your children 100%!

The key is to have ’quality’ time for your business as well as ’quality’ time for your children.



Don’t sweat the small stuff!  Don’t beat yourself up.  Give yourself permission to be imperfect!


you have to believe in the reasons you are doing all of this; get the whole family to buy into what you are doing; lose the guilt and stay positive; and above all, take time to enjoy this crazy mompreneur life you have chosen.

There will be times when you feel overwhelmed.  There will be times when you feel that it is impossible.  But hang in there, moms and embrace your journey!  It is worth it to make the short-term sacrifices in order to build an impactful business, leave a legacy and become a role model for your children.


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