“Lucie, how do I make money travelling?” This is a common question I get all the time. Probably, the reason behind it is because every single person you know including yourself wants to see the world and have new experiences.

We all look forward to vacations, to relax by the poolside or at the beach, to get pampered. It’s what we all dream of, so we save for an entire year to go for a vacation during summer. Then, we start saving again for another holiday destination until it becomes a vicious cycle that’s never-ending.

And now, you’re here because you want to travel, experience different cultures, but you are very conscious of the fact that travelling is an expense and you need some cash flow, right?

So let me give you some insights into my life because why not.

I’ve been a lifestyle entrepreneur for over 10 years and travelling around the world has been one of my dreams come true but it has also been a lot of effort and hard work. From the outside, it looks like I’m always travelling and on vacation, ticking one bucket list at a time to places like Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, Cape town but there is definitely a lot more behind the scenes for me to make money travelling to all these exotic places.

So how exactly do I make money travelling? How do I fund my travels? Who pays me to travel the world?

Let’s jump right in.


Being a member of this travel club has been an answered prayer. This is a members-only travel club that allows members to plan their next trip right from their mobile device, create a bucket list, share their favorite moments and view photos from the past trips featuring travellers just like you.

BTW: If you’re a travel vlogger, you could link up with other travel vloggers and even collaborate on various videos leading to more views, more subscribers, and more money.

But that’s a topic for another day.

So how do you earn from dream trips?

All you have to do is sell memberships. It’s straightforward.

This is how it works:

  1. Join the Dream Trips Membership program at a refundable fee.
  2. Get amazing discounts for travel destinations and lots of activities meaning if you’re a travel vlogger you get more content for your channel or blog.
  3. Then, look for a few friends who love to travel but don’t have so much money or let your subscribers join in if you are a travel blogger with a small following who love to travel.
  4. Refer them to dream trips to get amazing discounts for their next vacation.
  5. Earn a commission from that one referral. You don’t need massive traffic or views to start getting paid.
  6. Now, here is the juicy part. For every person your friends or followers refer, the more money you accumulate and after four referrals, you stop paying any monthly payment.

Bonus tip: If you are a travel blogger or travel vlogger, you can actually let people know about the latest travel destinations and their offers to make your followers really interested in the product.

The dream trips app is only available to the members of the dream trips travel community. However, I will also share some other travel-friendly jobs with you as we go along.

My own income sources can change from year to year and sometimes some months are better than others.

To understand what I mean, watch this short video and take your time.


Asking someone exactly how much money they make is a very personal question, and it’s not something I am entirely comfortable posting but let me give you an idea.

In 2018, I made between $2,000 – $5,000 per month in revenue.  I travelled over 10 international trips saving over $10,000 and I am helping others do the same.

I am not rich, but I am not living in a cardboard box either. Most importantly, it’s the time I have bought and I am now able to work from home and be with my family – my husband and two beautiful globe trotters.

The reality is that even now, I cannot tell you exactly how much I will make this month because it can fluctuate but it’s the beauty of running your own business and dictating your own time.

I love what I do and I continue to learn new skills and work towards helping other people realize this travel lifestyle income sustainable for them.

I strongly believe anything is possible with hard work and dedication.


Well, there are other ways to make money while travelling like blogging. There are a variety of ways to make money off of blogging. One, you can get paid through CPMs, CPAs, brand deals, affiliate marketing, and even by selling your own products.

Blogging is not for the faint-hearted.

If you have your own blog, you can attest the number of hours and energy you have to constantly invest into it to grow your blog to a substantial amount of followers to finally gain the ability to monetize your blog through brand deals, advertisements, and even affiliate links.

But again, it is flexible and you can write from anywhere and even choose to become a VA or a freelance writer at the comfort of your hotel.

Speaking of freelancing, let’s jump into that for a moment:


Basically, freelancing is offering your services to clients at a fixed price. Of course, there are sites for freelancers like Fiverr and Upwork and of course, they are flooded with other freelancers like yourself. They are crowded, the competition is high, and the payment is meager.

Another option, though, you could consider is to create content around your services and attract your potential clients to your services then make a sale. This strategy, again, circles us back to creating your own blog or website.


I know it is every travel blogger or YouTuber to work with a brand, become brand ambassador, or anything along those lines. Of course, it is good money but the only problem is that you need a massive following.

Yes, you can argue about the fact that there’s micro-influencer marketing whereby new companies with little money allocated to marketing will approach you to make a video or write a blog post about their product.

But you need a couple of small companies reaching out to you to make a decent income which is always a task.

Also, some of these small companies will only give you free products and we all know free products won’t put food on your table.


This is a great way of making money online, not passively. The pay ranges from $20 to $40 an hour depending on your speed and whether you pass their crazy hard exams and the long hours of typing that you will need to put in to get paid every week. Yes, they pay every week which is great.

Obviously, everything has its shortcomings like:

a) You can get demoted at any time.

b) Be blocked from the platform from being inactive meaning you always have to do some work.

c) Bad audio files are the order of the day with most speakers being accented speakers.

d) You have to follow specific guidelines in which if you don’t follow, you get banned.

But if you have the determination, transcription is a great way to make money.

Some of the platforms you can apply to are:



GoTranscript. etc.


It seems these days everyone wants to be a YouTube star. Everyone wants to attain the 4,000 watch hours and the 1,000 subscribers to begin monetization through ads.

It’s obviously quite hard but can be achieved with the right strategy.

YouTube basically pays for every ad your viewer watches through Google Adsense. The revenue can fluctuate from one channel to another depending on the number of views you accumulate.

If you are a newbie on YouTube, focus more on other ways to monetize your channel as opposed to ads.

Build an audience and the ad money will start rolling in.

Here are other ways to monetize your YouTube channel as a travel vlogger:

  1. Sell memberships.
  2. Sell your own products.
  3. Become an affiliate marketer e.g Joining the Amazon Affiliate Program.
  4. Work with hotels, travel companies.

And since the one thing YouTubers struggle with is getting views and subscribers, here’s how to do it:

  1. Consistency
  2. Keyword research.
  3. Quality content meaning quality videos and info.
  4. Leverage other social media platforms to drive traffic to your blog.

But how do you become more consistent as a Travel Vlogger on YouTube?

By getting great travelling deals that can help you travel to great destinations at almost half price.

By seeking cheap accommodation….

To cut the long story short, here’s how I was able to travel the world with my family. It will help you learn how to travel the world on a budget so that you can have more content to share with your fans.

Now that you have some ideas of how to make money while travelling, it’s time you took some crucial actions.

Remember, I’ve also given you some secret sauce of how I’m able to make money myself…


Hopefully, it gives you some inspiration to do the same. All you have to do is go for it and live the life you’ve dreamt of.

If you have any questions, go ahead and comment and let me know what’s troubling your mind. I assure you I will respond.

Good Luck guys!!